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Exhibition tells coronation story The queen's coronation has been brought to life by a major exhibition showcasing the Ball Gown Wedding Dresses ceremony's fabulous dresses and artefacts and private home movies. The dazzling coronation dress the queen wore for the ceremony is the centrepiece of the exhibition marking the historic event's 60th anniversary.As the world watched the monarch being crowned at westminster abbey on june 2, 1953, they also marvelled at the clothes designed for the momentous day. The exhibition brings together the dresses, robes and gowns worn by the queen and her immediate family for the first time since the historic event, and important artefacts that played a part in the day. Tables from the two coronation banquets staged at Dresses UK buckingham palace have been recreated with their lavish settings of georgian porcelain and silvergilt, and decorations of pink and white roses and carnations.Alongside official black and white photographs, the exhibition features private movies filmed behind the scenes for the queen that show the personal story behind the pomp and ceremony. As the queen in full regalia posed for official pictures with the duke of edinburgh, her two young children prince charles, aged four, and princess anne, aged two play up by covering their faces with their hands.The young monarch puts a hand on charles to settle the youngsters down before the picture is taken in buckingham palace. The queen's private home movie, filmed in colour, features the tender moment of philip smoothing down his son's hair as they get ready for another photograph.At one point when a group picture of the royal family and european royals is being set up, the duke is shown waving his right arm repeatedly to get people on his far right to squeeze into the shot. After the photographic session is over the footage Cheap Prom Dresses UK shows the queen, philip and their children all holding hands together walking from view. Exhibition curator caroline de guitaut, from the royal collection trust, said the queen toured the exhibition on wednesday, adding"She seemed very pleased".She said the event was staged: "To mark this incredibly important anniversary of 60 years, to focus on the wonderful robes, dresses, outfits that we're fortunate to have available to display for the public. " She added: "I think there was a sense in 1953 of trying to combine this wonderful sense of tradition with something modern and we see that through the input of certain designers, artists and composers who composed music especially for the coronation.The private footage in the throne room adds a unique dimension to the display of photographs;Alongside the formal black and white portraits, we see the royal family and european royalty behind the scenes filmed in colour, preparing for their portraits to be taken. "



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Let in light but keep out the heat for energy savings Let in light but keep out the Pandora Charms UK:http://www.tiscalli.co.uk/ heat for energy savings Jobs weeklyjob fairplace an adcareers and worklife blogbusiness blogsalary wizardsearch new carssearch pre actually operated carsvehicle reviewsclassic cars blogthe bike blog2013 fall auto show guide(Pdf file)This is the eighth of the 10 part series which investigates technologically advanced innovations that are changing the way we live. "Games changers"Is backed by samsung galaxy s 4. A new nanocrystal glass can control the light and heat that gets through it, which means it might be used to make"Stylish windows"That could drastically reduce power bills. The actual brand new nanotechnology based smart windows, the small print of which are published in the journal nature on august 15, could drastically lower energy bills by decreasing the electricity used to light a house while also lowering air con bills on hot days. Windows coated with this material could be integrated with a heating and cooling system that a user could program to change with the time of day, or respond to variations in sunlight or outside heat. "You would possibly hook this up to some sort of control system that monitors light and heat and adjusts the window as needed, study investigator delia milliron, of lawerence berkeley national labs, told organization insider. "But you would always have an override switch if that was your decision, if it was too bright or if you desired to darken it, Smart windows made from electrochromic glass work by darkening when a reduced voltage current is sent through them.A coating on the glass reacts to new and changes color, blocking the sunshine.This concept isn't new electrochromic windows exist in buildings and homes, or perhaps boeing's dreamliner's first class cabin windows. One drawback of on the market self darkening windows is that see results about pandora charms they can't let in a lot of sunlight without also letting in the sun's heat. "That was sort of an outstanding challenge that had been sitting device of the smart windows or high performance windows field for a long time, milliron replied. The researchers solved this problem by mixing the niobium oxide with special nanocrystals that can block the near infrared rays that carry sun's heat. To make the ultra-Modern new windows, heat researching nanocrystals are"Expanded"Wearing a flask, and then when combined a light absorbing compound called niobium oxide that, when warm, will encase these questions glass like structure. They coat a standard piece of window glass with for almost any, and heat everything to bond the film to the glass.What comes out on the reverse side is a sheet of glass layered with a thin film of nanocrystals that can be programmed with electrical charges. This makes making the new smart windows much cheaper and quicker than before, opening up a bigger market for the technology. Maybe it's included in Pandora Flowers Charms homes, large homes and in cars, and could have a big impact on energy costs, particularly in hotter climates. "In america, we spend about a quarter of our total energy on equipment and effects, air conditioning our buildings, milliron said in an announcement. "When used as a window stratum, our new material can have a major impact on building energy capability, But nevertheless, there is still more work to do.First, the team needs to integrate this new material with pre-Existing smart window components that regulate the voltage to activate the color and heat blocking features before they can have a full prototype.





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